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Complaints policy

The School welcomes suggestions and comments from parents and takes seriously complaints and concerns that may arise. The School prides itself on the quality of care provided for the children. The following “Independent Schools Council” Code of Practice has been adopted by the as a school framework for addressing concerns.

A complaint will be treated as an expression of genuine dissatisfaction, which needs a response.

We wish to ensure that:

• parents wishing to make a complaint know how to do so
• we respond to complaints within a reasonable time and in a courteous and efficient way
• parents realise that we listen and take complaints seriously
• we take action where appropriate

“I don’t want to complain as such, but there is something bothering me” The School is here for you and your child, and we want to hear your views and your ideas. Contact a member of staff, as described below. “I am not sure whether to complain or not” If as parents you have concerns, you are entitled to complain. If in doubt, you should contact the School, as we are here to help.

“What will happen next?”
If you raise something face-to-face or by telephone, it may be possible to resolve the matter immediately and to your satisfaction.

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