Just before the half-term holiday I received letters and emails from the selective independent secondary schools where our Upper Fourth Form (Year 6) pupils had sat 11+ entrance exams in January. I was delighted to learn that every single one of our pupils who had sat the Entrance Exams had received at least one offer from the respective secondary schools.

In fact, most children had between two and three offers, up to a maximum of 5 offers! This 100% performance is our best ever and beats the previous 2008 record performance when 94% of Year 6 pupils received 11+ offers. I would therefore like to congratulate all our pupils, their parents and the teaching staff who have supported them over the years, on such an outstanding achievement.

We will shortly be announcing details of a special dinner for those children who have passed their 11+, which will take place before the end of this term. We have already announced our plans for an ‘Upper Fourth Leavers Dinner’ at Luton Hoo in early July and will be providing further information on this in due course.

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