High Court Visit For Upper Third

The Upper Third Form took part in a Law Society visit to the High Courts of Justice in London’s Strand last week to learn more about the criminal justice system. On arrival, pupils took in the impressive gothic surroundings as they moved through security, convinced they were entering Hogwarts.

In one of the main Appeal Courts, the children were led through a role-playing activity that taught them about the criminal trial process. Having already rehearsed their designated roles at school, the children then took part in a dramatic recreation of a real-life case. The judge, the clerk, the usher and the barristers all wore their traditional gowns and wigs during the proceedings. All the children performed amazingly well, particularly those took on the roles of the barristers and those who played witnesses and answered questions in character.
Those children who were on the jury had to decide the verdict and thought long and hard in the jury room before re-entering the court with their verdict. Hopefully in a few years’ time there will be some solicitors and barristers in training, inspired by their Upper Third courtroom visit.

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