Medical Society pupils were invited to Harley Street for the day to find out more about the London General Practice (a private GP practice) and the neighbouring private Princess Grace Hospital.

The children were taken around all the major areas of the hospital and introduced to the senior staff in each specialist area before attending a presentation by surgeons and clinical staff in the board room. Afterwards they were able to ask questions before having lunch with senior staff and management.

After their tour of the hospital the children moved on to the Harley Street GP Practice where they spent the best part of a hour finding out how the Practice works and spending time with GP Dr Angela Rai who told them about her job and how patients could make same-day appointments and, when necessary, be immediately referred to the hospital in the same building.

Hospital Administrator Abigail Knight commented afterwards that, ‘everyone was impressed by how well behaved the children were and their knowledge and enthusiasm was infectious!’

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