Pastoral Care

At King’s House School we understand and appreciate that children grow and develop into confident young people when home and school work successfully in partnership. We encourage a healthy and helpful dialogue on both sides and hope that through this, parents feel fully involved in their daughter or son’s education. We share information with parents that should help you to feel knowledgeable about aspects of the teaching, learning, curriculum enrichment and pastoral care, as well as information that relates specifically to your child. Each child’s well-being is paramount to their happiness. Please let us know
if you think anything is concerning your daughter or son, however trivial it may seem and whether the source is at school or at home. We will then be able to work with you to give the right kind of support and encouragement. It is important to let us know of any changes, large or small, in family circumstances, for instance: illness or bereavement; separation, divorce or remarriage; births or moving house. Do also let us know about things which might not seem worth mentioning, but which might still be unsettling – a pet’s illness, your change of job, etc. If you or your child are worried, please talk to us as early as
possible. All staff at the school are very experienced in helping young children and will, of course, discuss fully with you the best course of action to take. We may wish to encourage your child to deal with the situation independently or with quiet support from the Form Teacher or someone else.

We pride ourselves on responding to parental communication quickly. Parents can telephone the school office at any time to leave a message, as teaching staff are often unable to take calls during the school day, as they are busy with the children. Staff will return your calls at the earliest possible opportunity. We regard the privacy of the children and their parents as extremely important. All information you give us is treated sensitively and we will discuss with you how widely to circulate it. We never release the addresses and telephone numbers of parents or staff without prior permission.

The school works hard to ensure that parents are well informed about school life. Calendar – A calendar of termly events is published at the beginning of each term. As far as possible we aim to send all letters and newsletters home with your child each Friday, although there may be occasions when letters need to be sent on other days of the week. Parents are asked to check their child’s book carrier or rucksack regularly as some letters do have a tendency to get lost at the bottom. For parents who have more than one child at the school, we aim to minimise post by sending whole school letters and newsletters with the oldest sibling. We use letters and newsletters to notify you of upcoming events as well as report on pupil and school successes and important events in the life of the school. Where letters require a reply slip to be returned to school it helps
staff enormously if parents are able to respond as quickly as possible. During the forthcoming academic year we will be aiming to carry out more of our communication electronically, although for this year, it will be possible for parents to request data in hard copy.
Keeping in touch and informed
Should you wish to discuss any matters with your child’s teacher they are brief available before 8:30 and then after 4:00 pm on most days. Please contact the School Office for a mutually convenient appointment, if you wish to discuss matters in depth. You may also write a note in your child’s reading record. In order to keep you in touch with school news generally, regular letters and newsletters are sent out regularly. A bulletin is issued fortnightly on a Friday which provides a round-up of past and forthcoming events. Our website is also updated regularly to provide information.

One to One Scheme
While small classes are of great social and educational benefit to pupils, they are also of considerable advantage and benefit to parents, particularly those who wish to play a close and supportive role in their child’s education. In large schools, the relationship between parents, the Head and their staff can be distant and not always immediately responsive. In contrast, we have always believed that parents are partners in the work of the school and are keen to foster and maintain a close working
relationship with parents collectively and individually too.

In recognition of this, King’s House Preparatory School has devised the ‘One to One’ scheme, an exclusive and personal service that is tailored to your specific needs. The One to One scheme aims to ensure that you receive a personal bespoke service, not just between 8.45am and 3.45pm each school day but 24/7, 52 weeks of the year (public holidays excluded). While class teachers will always be the most effective first point of contact for parents there will, from time to time, be broader issues or matters, particularly out of school hours or in the holiday. The One to One scheme aims to ensure that you receive an effective and personal service that will endeavour to answer your urgent questions or enquiries. You can contact the One-to-One team by dedicated phone line: 01582 879311 (with voicemail service) or email, irrespective of whether the school is in session.

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