The KHPS Sports & Athletic Club

Although sport serves a very practical purpose from a health and fitness point of view, it is also one of the most effective ways of building character and teaching the virtue of teamwork. Children learn to win and lose, to lead and be led, and how to compete and to co-operate. It teaches them to enjoy things that will be of value for the future, in terms of health and participation. Sport also provides a variety of ways in which pupils can be successful and gain in self-confidence.

The King’s House school Sports & Athletic Club is based at the School’s Sports Centre in Ely Way. Once pupils have joined the Club they can opt for the activities that are on offer for each respective term or half-term. The Club is run by the school’s own PE staff and outside coaches from the professional sports bodies and associations. This year the options available are: Athletics, Baseball, Tennis, Football, Cricket, Netball, Golf, Hockey and Rugby.

During the course of the year, the Club organizes trips and visits to sporting events or sport connected venues outside of school such as Wembley, Lords and Wimbledon.

Swimming is part of the curriculum from the Lower Third Form, ie from the age of 7. Non swimmers are taught to swim and those who can already swim are taught according to their capabilities. Pupils eventually progress towards taking Amateur Swimming Association Awards.

By the age of 7, the average child in the UK will have spent one whole year of their lives in front of a computer or TV screen. This can neither be healthy nor beneficial to becoming a rounded and well-balanced individual capable of achieving socially and academically in the future. This is one of the reasons why we place so much emphasis on sports and extra-curricular pursuits. We have, over the years, pioneered and established a series of clubs and societies encouraging extra-curricular variety and participation. An early King’s House prospectus from the 1920s reveals, for example, that the school had a Debating Society, a Dramatic Society, a Historical Society and a Photographic Society as well at its own Wolf Cub pack and Brownie Troop.

Today, more than ever before, we see these opportunities and virtues as a priority. To this end we have already established partnerships with the Football Association, the MCC, the Rugby Football Union, the Lawn Tennis Association and the British Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Association. Among the extra-curricular activities typically offered in any given year are:

Debating & Spoken English; Recorder Club; Environmental Club; Chess Club; Chemistry Club, Cookery Club; Modern Languages Club; Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts; IT Club; King’s House School Sports & Athletic Club.

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