Vist BBC Three Counties Radio

Five members of the King’s House School Media Society were lucky enough to visit BBC Three Counties radio studios in Dunstable to enjoy a guided tour of the facilities and to interview leading presenter Roberto Perrone, who does the afternoon slot every weekday between 3-7pm.

As producer Tara Gungaphul showed them around, they also met Justin Dealey, who presents at the weekend. The pupils took the chance to interview Justin as well and had their pictures taken with him. The highlight of the visit was being in the studio with Roberto, who showed the children how to use the equipment and each one had a turn at pressing buttons and playing some of the station’s popular jingles.

They asked Roberto a range of questions, asking him when he knew he wanted to be a radio presenter and the most famous people he’d interviewed.
Each pupil was given the chance to answer some of Roberto’s own questions on air about their favourite TV programme, each one coming up with something completely different.
Roberto commented afterwards “The children were lovely guests, very bright and totally charming. They asked me some great questions and were very interested in what we do at BBC3CR. I hope at least one of them will one day come back as one of the next generation of presenters!”

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