In the Foundation stage of the curriculum (2-5 years), the pupils are given a broad and exciting introduction to many areas of learning. Mathematics and English are at the heart of our curriculum. The ability to read is at the cornerstone of a child’s education. From this flows all other aspects of learning: writing, grammar, spelling, problem-solving and general knowledge, which in turn connects all other areas of the curriculum, such as science languages and humanities, the arts and sport.

French is introduced in Reception, enabling children with an aptitude to move on to their choice of senior school already fluent in one foreign language. The school takes a lively approach to learning from an early age and understanding that children’s natural curiosity can be invaluable to learning.

Computer literacy is vital to the development of a modern 21st-century education along with an understanding and appreciation of modern languages. Computer awareness therefore, starts early at King’s House with ICT forming a key part of teaching methods which aim to mix the best of the old and new, preparing your child for the next stage of their academic life.


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