On 25th April, a team of ten Year 3 and 4 pupils competed in the Tri-Golf Tournament in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, along with a host of other school teams from across Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. The first hour was devoted to practising a variety of golfing skills such as grip, stance, swing, putting and chipping. Following the practice session, the tournament began in earnest. King’s House began well, accumulating a healthy number of points in the first two rounds.

However, several misplaced shots created a few nerves in the final round. The children persevered though, and the team rallied and gave it their all. By the end of the final round, King’s House had accumulated 546 points, coming in a strong third. The following team members were awarded Bronze Medals: Harper-Rayne Tomlin, Soha Jafri, Eva Kayani, Haider Fazaldin, Mohammed Abubakar, Ebrahim Akbar, Joshan Nijjar, Da’ud Gillani, Elsa Farjad, Anaya Sakib.

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