About King’s House School

While small classes are of great social and educational benefit to pupils, they are also of considerable advantage and benefit to parents, particularly those who wish to play a close and supportive role in their child’s education.

When pupils enter the Reception year at age 4+ and begin their full-time school careers, the role of parents becomes more crucial than ever in monitoring their child’s work and performance and working in partnership with the school.

In large schools, the relationship between parents, the Head and their staff can be distant and not always immediately responsive. In contrast, we have always believed that parents are partners in the work of the school and are keen to foster and maintain a close working relationship with parents collectively and individually too.

One To One Scheme

In recognitions of this, King’s House school is built on a strong foundation of both academic and ethical principles. We work with both parents and children collectively to create a nurturing environment, built on bringing out the very best in all of our students. We strive for excellence and encourage our students to do the very same. Our end to end curriculum for each year group has been perfectly crafted to draw out the student’s strengths and to minimise their weaknesses, to set each student up for success in the future.

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