Admissions Policy



Policy date January 2022
Policy review Every 2 years
Date ratified January 2022
Ratified by Dr A Cook (Principal)
Next review date January 2024



King’s House Preparatory School is a co-education independent school for pupils up to the age of eleven years.  The School’s overriding aim is to ensure that every pupil who joins is capable of accessing the full breadth and depth of the curriculum, both academic and extra-curricular; this forms the basis of our admissions arrangements.


The aims of this policy are therefore to:


  • Set selection criteria and procedures that are fair to all applicants. No applicant will be treated less favourably during the application process or during assessment on the grounds of any protected characteristic as defined by the Equality Act 2010.
  • Identify applicants whose academic and other abilities appear to match the ethos and standards of the School and whose personal qualities suggest they have the potential to contribute sufficiently to the School community and benefit from the main opportunities that are offered here
  • Comply with the School’s obligations under the Equality Act 2010.


Admissions - General Points


Deciding on the right school for your child is very important, and the school believes that a personal visit with their child is invaluable. Parents are therefore invited to visit the school or attend one of our Open Events if they are interested in applying for a place for their child at the school. Please contact the school office on 01582 491430 or email for details of our Open Events and/or arrange a visit.


Registration: If parents wish to apply for a place for their child, they are asked to complete the Registration Form and pay a non-refundable registration fee of £75.00. A child will only be considered as a candidate for admission once the school has received the completed Registration Form and payment of the registration fee. Registration does not constitute an offer or guarantee of a place at the school.


Admissions Process


  • External candidates for admission will be invited into school and the school will assess the candidate’s suitability for admission in accordance with the selection criteria relevant to the year of entry. The assessment for the Reception year (4+) will include a 4+ Aptitude Test.
  • Internal candidates (from Tots Academy – the Nursery) will also be assessed in accordance with the selection criteria, which will include the 4+ Aptitude Test.
  • For those candidates who meet the school’s selection criteria, an offer of a place may be made. Any conditions of an offer of a place will be set out in the offer letter.
  • Parents may accept an offer of a place by completing the Enrolment Form. Acceptance of an offer of a place at the School will be subject to the School’s terms and conditions.


 Selection Criteria


The School is proud to operate a broad and inclusive admissions policy.  Entry criteria are fair, apply to all applicants and are set to ensure that all pupils joining us are able to access and thrive in the School environment; to ensure that the School can adequately cater for and meet the needs of any disability and/or special educational needs; and to help determine that an applicant is of appropriate age and maturity before an offer of a place is made.

It is therefore a condition of admission that all applicants meet the selection criteria for admission, as detailed below.


Pupils may join the school in any year group from Reception onwards. Entrance is usually in September, but entry at any point during the year is possible subject to a space being available.


The selection criteria entail:


  • A half day spent in the School, for external candidates, working alongside other pupils of the same age to allow staff to assess external pupil’s suitability and ability to access the School’s educational provision.
  • A meeting with the Principal and Headteacher by external applicants to ensure the applicant has the potential to contribute to and benefit from School life and the educational opportunities offered by the School.
  • For the Reception year (4+), achieving a satisfactory standard in a 4+ Aptitude Test.
  • For all other year groups, achieving a satisfactory standard in an entrance assessment and psychometric test.
  • Satisfactory reference from the applicant’s current School or Nursery (if any).
  • Confirmation from a child’s previous educational establishment (if any) that all outstanding fees have been paid.
  • Where there are more applicants than places available for entry into Reception (4+), all children currently on the roll in Tots Academy (Nursery), who have reached the selection criteria, will be given priority for admission over the external candidates.


Oversubscription Criteria


Where the number of applications exceed the number of places available, those applicants who meet the School’s selection criteria will be offered a place in the following order of priority:


  1. First Priority shall be given to children who have brothers and sisters currently enrolled at the School or whose parents are currently employed by the School.
  2. Second priority shall be given to children who have had brothers or sisters enrolled at the school during the last five years.
  3. Third priority shall be given to children who have cousins or other relatives currently enrolled at the School.
  4. Fourth priority shall be given to children who have had cousins or other relatives enrolled at the School during the last five years.
  5. Fifth priority shall be given to children who have had any relatives enrolled at the School more than five years ago.
  6. Sixth priority shall be given to all other applicants.

Special Needs, Disabilities and English as an Additional Language (EAL)


The School welcomes all applicants irrespective of any learning needs and/or disabilities. The School will do all that is reasonable to comply with the Equality Act 2010 so that the School may accommodate the needs of disabled applicants for which, with reasonable adjustments, the School can cater adequately.


The School will do all that is reasonable to ensure the application procedure (and any information about the School) is accessible for disabled applicants and will make such reasonable adjustments as necessary.


Parents must inform the School when submitting a Registration Form of any special circumstances relating to their child which may affect their child’s performance in the admissions process and ability to fully participate in the education provided by the School.  Parents of disabled children may be invited to a preliminary meeting with the Principal/ Headteacher to discuss ways in which any disadvantages could be lessened or eliminated from the admissions process and to ensure that the applicant can be adequately catered for should an offer of a place be made.


The School may request further information, such as a medical certificate or educational psychologist’s report, and any associated correspondence from the pupil’s current school that the School considers necessary to make a fair assessment.  If, after reasonable adjustments have been considered, the School is unable to adequately cater for the needs of those children with disabilities, parents will be informed why an offer will not be made.


If an applicant’s disability becomes apparent after admission, the School will consult with parents about what reasonable adjustments, if any, can be made in order to allow the child to continue at the School.  If, after reasonable adjustments have been considered, the School is unable to adequately cater for and meet the needs of the pupil, the Principal/ Headteacher may request parents to withdraw their child.  Fees in lieu will not be payable in these circumstances and the acceptance deposit will be returned.


The School welcomes all those applicants whose second language is English, provided they meet the School’s selection criteria.   Where an offer of a places is made, EAL support may be put in place where the School determinates that additional support is required.  This may be charged in addition to the fees.

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