Our Staff

The Staff

Dr A J Cook Headmaster
Miss J Pawaar Deputy Head
Mrs D Comfort Assistant Head
Mrs D Comfort Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs N Hyde Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs C Beach Reception Teacher
Mrs L Read Reception Teacher
Miss J Ahmed Lower Second Form Teacher
Mrs Z Katon Lower Second Form Teacher
Miss Z Wells Upper Second Form Teacher
Miss L De Vergori Lower Third Form Teacher
Miss J Pawaar Upper Third Form Teacher
Mrs S Casson Lower Fourth Form Teacher
Mrs N Ashfaq Upper Fourth Form Teacher
Mrs S Hingston Quality & Standards Manager
Miss N Davda Library & Art
Mr J Murray Teacher – PE/Games & Expressive Arts
Miss C Parr Teacher – Mathematics & Music
Miss G Vinas Teacher – Modern Languages
Miss E West Teacher – Upper School
Miss R Lambeth TASS Support
Mrs I Tavener General Support Assistant
Miss J Wallace Assistant Teacher – Second Form
Mrs E Mziu Assistant Teacher – Third/Fourth Form
Miss C Hardy Class Assistant
Miss V Tarsey Class Assistant
Mrs A Cook Commercial Director
Mrs M Juraszek Office Manager
Miss S Messetter Office Administrator
Mr I Philpot Site Agent
Mrs T May Domestic Bursar
Mrs M Czaja Kitchen Assistant
Mrs K Moody Lunchtime Supervisor

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