This year’s production ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, performed at the Grove Theatre, was another sell out show and hugely enjoyed by parents, guests and pupils alike.

It is a little-known fact that this iconic children’s classic was actually written by James Bond creator and author Ian Fleming for his son Caspar. It was the last story Fleming ever wrote. He died several weeks before the book was published in 1964. Based on an unfinished Bond story called ‘Murder on Wheels’, a number of Bond characters were transposed into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Commander James Bond becomes Commander Caractacus Potts, Q the inventor becomes Grandpa, and Bond villain Ernstavro Blofeld becomes Baron Bomburst. The children, Jeremy and Jemima, are both 8 years old in the story, the same age as Caspar when Fleming wrote it.

Our stage production involved all pupils aged between 4 and 11, and took months of preparation and rehearsal before the big night. Co-producers Miss Cesena and Miss Pawaar held auditions for the main
roles back in the autumn. The lead roles of Potts and Truly were played by Zayn Bhatti and Eleeza Ahmed along with:
Umar Kashif Jeremy
Arya Azam Jemima
Azaan Hussain Coggins
Aryan Cuchhadia Grandpa
Maiya Bridgeman Miss Phillips
Mikaeel Uddin Lord Scrumptious
Aaron Roopra Baron Bomburst
Amber Hanif Baroness Bomburst

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